Workspace: The Sandalady

Sandalady, Cotati Ca.

Fran, sole proprietor of The Sandalady Baseball Glove Repair Shop, has been repairing baseball gloves since the early 70’s in her 10x10ft storefront shop in Cotati CA. She knows everything to know about baseball gloves from purchasing a new glove and breaking it in, to glove maintenance and repair.

Photography by Michael Woolsey

The shop is a capsule of pure baseball goodness.

Fran’s favorite glove is the 70’s Wilson – Made in USA -“The A2000.” Find Fran at

Workspace: Dave Di Falco

David di Falco fixes transportation related obsolete machinery, the majority of which are vintage automobiles of one kind or another. Predictably, he has been doing this since he was a child, tinkering with childhood toys to make them better. As a young teen he purchased an abandoned car in a neighbor’s driveway for $100, completely took it apart and put it back together again, selling it at a profit, and all before he had a driver’s license.

Today, di Falco is a West Petaluma fixture, tooling about in his vintage 1930 Ford Deluxe Roadster, and walking his Boston Terrier about his Oak Hill neighborhood.

Photography by Michael Woolsey

What he loves about Petaluma (where he has lived for close to 30 years) is that its size allows you to break through personal barriers more quickly; that friendliness and connectedness happens easily. David is quite friendly and if you see him, you should definitely say hello. A warm exchange is pretty much guaranteed. During a recent dog walk, he began counting the number of times people waved at him or said hello. He stopped at 12 after just a few blocks.

David is currently nursing back to health a 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe and a 1935 Ford pick up truck.

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Workspace: Ned Lawton

Photography by Michael Woolsey

Experimenting with small cider batches in their barn sparked an even greater passion for cider and the apples that make it possible. This led the Lawtons to the Permaculture Skills Center in Sebastopol, where Ryan Johnston was a program director actively working with local community organizers and organic growers. Johnston had gathered over 60 varieties of apples to share with the community. Now Johnston is the orchardist and cider maker for Ethic Ciders.


Photography by Michael Woolsey he brains behind the idea: Tim Art Director: Tyler Young Tim Welch and Brendan Moylan, of [...]

Workspace: Tim Nicholls

Photography by Michael Woolsey

Timothy Nicholls opened the roll up doors to his bike repair and sales shop in February 2017, contributing to the interesting new mix of businesses along Petaluma’s Second Street corridor. Cycle Chvrch Cycles has less of the feel of a typical bike shop, and feels more like an artist’s studio. Tim approaches his craft from a design perspective, refurbishing bikes with purposeful detail from carefully reconstructed mechanics to beautiful pinstriping work. He takes massive pride in his finished products and if you buy a bike from him, you can be sure he will be there to provide ongoing maintenance to your two-wheeled friend. Tim refurbishes bikes not just for sale but also donates to local organizations including COTS. You can find him most days from 11-7 in his shop, and also on social media @cyclechvrchcycles. Look for the handpainted signs (painted by Tim) on the nearby corners to show you the way.

Workspace: Alfie Turnshek

Meet Alfie Turnshek, Beverage Director and Partner at Brewster’s Beer Garden in Petaluma. With street cred from East Bay establishments Tribune Tavern and Plum, Turnshek has brought his colorful cocktail concoctions to Petaluma, and the creative juices are flowing freely. Alfie takes his workspace very seriously, sourcing only the best and freshest ingredients in his recipes. The bar itself is designed and includes materials from local businesses; it’s spacious, with cleanly limned angles and color splashes of various drink additives from citrus to mint to bitters.  It is Aflie’s happy place and he fully enjoys making it the happy place for a many a visiting patron. Talk about doing what you love for a living. Thanks for coming, Alfie. Sonoma County is very happy to have you.

Workspace: Freestone Country Store

Located at 500 Bohemian Highway in the hamlet of Freestone, the Freestone Country Store provisions the visitor with every necessity for either road trip or essentials of life in West County.  Walking up to the porch and through the screen door and presented with its litany of mostly very useful items that you haven’t thought of in a while, you will be blasted with a wave of nostalgia for some part of your past that you also haven’t thought of in a while. It’s worth stopping in to see what treasure you will be so glad to take home with you. It might be some local honey, but it also might be an interesting box of matches or a particularly functional dustpan. Eclectic and vintage wall decor, which is not for sale, adds to the visual richness of this place and reminds the visitor that this land has history that stretches long before organic bakeries and artisan cheeses.

Workspace: Kathryn St. Clair


Petaluma-based painter Kathryn St. Clair is drawn to how light shifts our perception of what surrounds us, creating halos of soft diffusion or pockets of ambiguity. She is intrigued by patterns and distortions in landscapes- where images of what is ‘real’ and what is ‘reflected’ are set adrift or submerged in a nebulous space. She marvels at the mystery that exists in the shadows and the emergence of light from darkness.

Workspace: Jack Haye

Born in Scheveningen in the Netherlands to Dutch-Indonesian parents, Jack Haye has been an artist since he first dipped his hands in tempera paints and smeared them across a roll of paper.  He has interests in art, history, music and architecture and spends his free time making wooden portrait sculptures, which are a combination of hand carving and “found” objects and other art. He is a Charter Member of the Visual Effects Society and is VP of the Board of Directors for the Phoenix Theater Youth Center. He lives in Petaluma, California with his wife Drew, stepson Henry, and inhuman children Printzie and Artie.