Photography by Michael Woolsey

Experimenting with small cider batches in their barn sparked an even greater passion for cider and the apples that make it possible. This led the Lawtons to the Permaculture Skills Center in Sebastopol, where Ryan Johnston was a program director actively working with local community organizers and organic growers. Johnston had gathered over 60 varieties of apples to share with the community. Now Johnston is the orchardist and cider maker for Ethic Ciders.

Rivertown Photobooth 2018

Thanks for participating in the 2018 Rivertown Revival Photobooth, a Field Sonoma - sponsored tradition for 8 years running. Thanks to all of you for braving the heat to get your time in front of Michael Woolsey's camera (always a lucky place to land.)  The portraits are now ready to share. Click the link below, sift through [...]