Welcome to our Sonoma County version of a colonial era American favorite, the Stone Fence. Here in the West, we don’t have a lot of fences made of stones, but in New England, that’s a different fencing story. The Stone Fence is a classic combination of hard liquor and hard cider. (According to legend, the Green Mountain Boys’ 1775 raid on Fort Ticonderoga, one of the opening salvos of the Revolutionary War, came after a night full of Stone Fences.)

Our version is all Sonoma County, no redcoats in sight, and concocted with Ethic’s Golden Rule Sparkling Cider and Griffo Distillery’s Stony Point Whiskey. Add a dose of Monarch Bitters, some Meyer lemon juice and simple syrup, and there you have it: The Golden Stone.

A crisp version of the classic holiday mulled cider, It’s the perfect winter drink to insulate the imbiber from any kind of holiday strife.



1.5 oz Griffo Stony Point Whiskey
1 oz lemon juice
.25 oz simple syrup
3 dashes Monarch Aromatic Bitters
2 oz Ethic golden Rule  Hard Apple Cider
Lemon for garnish
Add all ingredients besides the cider into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigerously. Pour into a rocks glass filled with ice, top with cider and a lemon twist.