David di Falco fixes transportation related obsolete machinery, the majority of which are vintage automobiles of one kind or another. Predictably, he has been doing this since he was a child, tinkering with childhood toys to make them better. As a young teen he purchased an abandoned car in a neighbor’s driveway for $100, completely took it apart and put it back together again, selling it at a profit, and all before he had a driver’s license.

Today, di Falco is a West Petaluma fixture, tooling about in his vintage 1930 Ford Deluxe Roadster, and walking his Boston Terrier about his Oak Hill neighborhood.

Photography by Michael Woolsey

What he loves about Petaluma (where he has lived for close to 30 years) is that its size allows you to break through personal barriers more quickly; that friendliness and connectedness happens easily. David is quite friendly and if you see him, you should definitely say hello. A warm exchange is pretty much guaranteed. During a recent dog walk, he began counting the number of times people waved at him or said hello. He stopped at 12 after just a few blocks.

David is currently nursing back to health a 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe and a 1935 Ford pick up truck.

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