Field Guide: Paper & Stone Jizos

Jizo (geezo) is a bodhisattva and an expression of deepest compassion.
Jizo means Womb of the Earth and conveys vastness, deepness, profundity, as well as patience and stillness.

Beth Meredith of Petaluma has made and collected these for the past 25 years and you can find them at Made Local in Santa Rosa.

Field Guide: Petaluma Coffee Mug

Thermal Mug

Designed for travel with a locking, leak-proof lid, keep your morning coffee fresh and piping hot with a Petaluma Coffee & Tea Co. Thermal mug.

Field Guide: Perk's Pollinators

Perks Pollinators pairs the freshest local honey with natural and organic ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible) to make balms, creams, scrubs and oils. Brought to you by the creative genius of Paty Perkins.