Field Guide: F.A Nino's - Sonoma Sauce Mafia

What’s in the box

– F. A. Nino’s Artisan Products: Chocolate Chipotle Adobo

– Porky Onions: Hot/Garlic Sauteed Onions

– Russian River Fine foods: Carne Asada Marinade

Field Guide: Stoney Point Pottery

J e n n y ☾ D a w n
Handcrafted Earthy Pottery in Sonoma County

Pick one up at The Mail Depot

Field Guide: Acre Coffee Pack


The box contains their “Nuts about Coffee” squirrel mug, the favorite Flannel seasonal blend, and a cozy Acre beanie. Your lucky receiving end for this gift can sip our blend with comforting clove and brown sugar notes out of the cutest mug in all the county, while showing their Acre pride and keeping their ears warm at the same time.

Field Guide: Griffo Gin and Monarch Cardamon Clove Syrup

Give the gift of the cocktail with these ingredients for a “Don’t Take It For Pomengranate”. 

You can purchase the set in a gift box at Griffo Distillery on Scott Street in Petaluma. This local maker’s gin is a crisp and fresh twist on traditional English Gin, with a unique balance of botanicals and trademark complexity. 

Field Guide: Fuller Knives | Knifemakers

Fuller Knives is dedicated to professional cutlery and handmade craft goods. They are local makers, service providers, educators, and retailers of all things knives. They also offer expert sharpening services and blacksmithing classes at their Petaluma-based workshop, where they make all their knives.

Field Guide: McEVOY Olive Oil


10 minutes west of our Field Office is McEvoy Ranch. Their bottles of Jalapeno and Lemon olive oils are packed in a beautiful gift box. The mild flavor of Jalapeno and distinct tang of Lemon inspire culinary creativity. You save $5 over the price of the individual bottles.


Field Guide: Patches

Sonoma Patch Project

Field Sonoma is celebrating the special destinations of the county through our Sonoma Patchwork Collection. It is our way of giving a shoutout to the places of interest that contribute to this culturally rich county. We will be introducing more in the months to come, so check back often to see what’s new. Consider them inspiration to get out and experience these Sonoma County gems yourself.

Field Guide: Petaluma Coffee

Give the Field crew’s favorite blend from Petaluma Coffee and Tea. Rooster Roast is what we drink the morning away with over here. It’s full of roasty good flavors and ideas. 

Field Guide: Barber Lee Rye Whiskey

Inspired by the California rye whiskey renaissance, Petaluma winemakers Michael and Lorraine Barber opened their distillery in 2017, offering one of the only single malt ryes in America. Rich and spicy, Barber Lee Rye Whiskey comes in handsome leather labeled bottle ideal for holiday gift giving.

Field Guide: ACRE Dry Rub and Jams

Made in the same creative kitchen as their inspired breakfasts and lunches, these Rubs and Jams make a unique and tasty gift for any foodie on your list.