Fabian is a plant cultivator and geneticist by trade. He is also very much a farmer and faces the same issues any grower does of any sort of plant. He learned his craft, as he says in his own words, “from decades of failure.” But he also went to school for it, studying horticulture at Cabrillo Community College, where he got straight A’s. He is very appreciative of his formal education. Going through the Horticultural Program in Santa Cruz added the “science” to what he already knew.

There are multiple breeding projects going on at Trinacria Gardens, which btw, can take years to perfect to Fabian’s satisfaction.

Enzo’s Kush/Hollister Kush These strains are cultivated especially for those suffering from PTSD, as he does. Particularly US Combat Vets. Fabian is developing a strain that not only helps calm night terrors and facial tics, but that can be easily cultivated by someone in a wheelchair or is otherwise physically disabled. Fabian donates seed, flower and oil to Veteran’s groups whenever possible.

Vendetta Viola/Purple Vendetta: Fabian is currently working to recreate this strain that, in his opinion, was ruined through years of commercialization by syndicates. This cultivar, commonly known as GDP (Grandaddy Purple) is well known to those that were in the industry early. He is attempting a new spin on this old classic grape flavored terpene by combining the classic purple haze and a selected newly bred strain from his farm. Fabian plans to start selling his new purple cultivar in 2018, which will make Trinacria Gardens GDP a project 4 1/2 years in the making.

Pineapple Pressure: The newest  breeding project at Trinacria Gardens is of the Sativa genre. Fabian is combining an old emerald triangle classic known as Trainwreck with his Hollister Kush male, delivering an incredibly terpene rich cultivar saturated in smells of pineapples and citrus, for a race mental high that energizes the mind and body. Stabilizing this cultivar is his main focus over the next few seasons, due to the fact of Trainwreck’s notorious hermaphroditic tendencies, which carry over into new generations. He plans to deliver a genetically stable cultivar for the general public which could take multiple generations, selections and future pollinations. Again…it’s a long game.

The Cannabis Industry according to Fabian:

1) Big $: corporations lacking the heart and understanding of this sacred plant and the history that led us to where we are today. These are the people who bided their time for decades while the the grassroots farmers did all the heavy lifting toward legalization. Now they show up on the scene ready to rape and pillage the industry for profit, with no regard for patient health or well being.

2) Celebrity influence: this group also here to exponentially profit from the industry, having never germinated a seed or taken a single plant (let alone an entire crop) to harvest.  Yet these people are somehow experts on the subject. Their high profile personas glorify drug use (prescription and narcotics). Nude women with pasties over their nipples, cannabis hosts perpetrating as activists and contaminated products are the norm. This segment of the industry continues to contribute to the lack of trustworthy people involved in the commercial side.

3) The General Consumer: blind to the politics and backhanded practices in the industry, they are motivated to purchase by marketing and advertising. This group is growing in numbers as cannabis becomes more mainstream, and are the main purchasing power for dispensaries, however blind they may be to the quality of the product they are buying.

4) Grass Roots: the last 2% of the industry is the authentic grass roots, farmers, breeders, and martyrs of our sacred plant; men and women who are continually pushing  the industry in a positive  forward direction while still honoring the legacy of the California Cannabis movement (which inspired the rest of the US) and the countless lives of dying aids patients in San Francisco who passed away so this industry’s roots could be sprouted. These are legitimate makers, crafting products from a place of educated dedication and passion for the plant.

Fabian’s Sicilian family heritage plays a large role in his life and work. (Trinacria is the symbol of Sicily and is on the Sicilian flag.)  His family provides him the compass by which he steers his life today, including personal relationships and his business. Talk to him, and you will immediately know this guy is a straight shooter. He means what he says, means only well in all he does, and you will believe that he will do what he says he will do.

If you ask him what his differentiator is he answers easily: ethics. Running an ethical business is his strongest value. During his ten years in the industry, Fabian has witnessed repeated episodes of unethical practices. He has little patience for it and steers clear of it at all costs. Living life by a code of ethics toward the people around you is his way both personally and professionally.

Fabian is grateful for what he has today and for what he can do for people through medicinal cannabis. “I have things and people in my life today that I frankly don’t deserve, but by the Grace of God, I have them. I am so grateful for that.”

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