Jess Brown

We love to shine a light on the beautiful and made-by-hand products sourced and crafted here in Sonoma County. Jess Brown’s line of signature handmade rag dolls are exactly what we are talking about. Jess began making dolls for her children 15 years ago using second hand cashmere sweaters and vintage remnants. Based on her original designs, she has developed a line of signature handmade rag dolls which are known far outside of Sonoma County and can be seen in women and children lifestyle catalogs and retail stores. Jess collaborates with several designers to create limited edition dolls for each season, so the line is always changing with newly minted creativity.

Each Jess Brown doll is cut to order and assembled in her Petaluma studio. Petaluma is also her home and where she and her husband have raised their family. An active member of the creative community here in Petaluma, Jess donates dolls every holiday season to homeless children in Sonoma County.

To learn more about this Sonoma County maker, and see her magically crafted rag doll collection, visit her site.

Photo: Paige Green
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