Building Davinci

Photography by Michael Woolsey

Since its founding in San Francisco in 1986, Burning Man has evolved from a renegade artists’ experiment into a widely respected community of makers, dancers and thinkers. These self-described Burners now gather annually in Nevada’s inhospitable Black Rock Desert. They come to celebrate creative expression, open-hearted collaboration and radical self-reliance.

An event theme guides the annual innovations of these spirited makers. In 2016, the selected theme “Davinci’s Warehouse” spoke to the culture renaissance blowing from the arid, expansive desert back to faraway townships like Petaluma, California. Here, longtime Burners Claus Brigmann, Jack Haye, Mark Jaramillo, Carly Weaver, and Julie Young build their next creation. Having attended the event since the 1990’s, this crew understands the value of the Burning Man experience.

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Installation photos by Claus P Brigmann